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Named after the Living Root Bridges’ of East Khasi Hills , one of the greatest example of man-nature dependence; we are promoting sustainable tourism practices in India’s Northeast and Eastern Himalayas.  The main activities of Root Bridge Foundation- a nonprofit entity- consists of research, advocacy, awareness creation, policy level interventions, training, networking, consultancy  and the facilitation of better community driven tourism models. Our projects impact some of the most disadvantaged populations, including women and indigenous communities, who not only gain access to livelihoods, but also have a chance to redefine their identity and role in society.

WINNER OF: The Telegraph Axom Shreshta Award 2018 in tourism category. Zee Business Travel Award 2018, Today’s Traveller Award 2018 ( Majuli Project)

Root Bridge’s Purpose

Root Bridge connects host communities to the tourism value chain by providing catalyst funding, capacity training, and a market link for small businesses supporting women, youth, and indigenous communities.


We support women to find meaningful employment



We help and train youth to find long-term employment in the hospitality industry


We support rural and indigenous communities access the tourism value chain


We promote sustainable tourism practice as an engine for development

Majuli Sustainable Tourism Development Project (MSTDP)

Majuli Sustainable Tourism Development Project (MSTDP) is an initiative of Root Bridge Foundation supported by Assam Tourism Development Corporation to promote cycle tourism and develop other tourism activities that are beneficial for host communities and make Majuli, world’s largest River Island, a better place to live and visit.

The project is covering different areas of tourism and livelihood activities and trying to make tourism as an engine of development and livelihood. Majuli Island, located in the trans-boundary River Brahmaputra, is an incomparable beauty that stands against the time. The Island is facing massive destruction every year due to the erosion during the monsoon season. While according to statistics the Island comprised an area of 1256 square kilometres in the past, it has been reduced to a mere 515 square kilometres now.

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Root Bridge Award 2018 presented to  90 year old weaver Smt. Sunki Amsi


RBF is working with Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KACC) and Umswai Valley Clean & Green Committee for the development of the Umswai valley in Karbi-Meghalaya plateau. The idea is to develop the Umswai valley as an area with India’s most progressive villages through community tourism intervention and other developmental activities.

The Foundation is currently working with the villagers of Shikdamakha (popularly known as the cleanest village of Assam) and other nearby villages like Bormarjong, Amsai, Langarkhon and Maulen to develop rural tourism models to attract visitors, and generate more livelihood and economic activities.

In May 2018, the Foundation did a mass study on these villages with the participation of local youth and students of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tezpur Central University and Guwahati University. More than 50 people participated in the three day residential camp

Umswai Valley Eco Tourism Program bags State Tourism Award for Best Upcoming Ecotourism Destination 2019


Leveraging Tourism through User Generated Content (UGC)

Ambassadors of Bodoland is an initiative of Dwijing Festival, Bodoland Tourism and Assam Tourism in association with Root Bridge Foundation to use the power of social media and UGC for the promotion of Bodoland – A land untouched.


A cultural immersion
in world’s largest river delta
Root Bridge Award 2017 presented to Dhol maestro Bogai Bora Ojah

A cultural immersion initiative by the Root Bridge in association with Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) and ESAF, the Small Finance Bank, ‘Majuli on Cycle’ presented the soul of the world’s largest river Island, Majuli to a group of visitors including domestic as well as foreign tourists during this Rongali Bihu. Majuli on Cycle is the first curated carbon free storytelling tour ever conducted in the river Island


Cycle- Cafeteria – Art – Village Shop- Library – Performing Space

Majuli Cycle Café is the most happening place in the world’s largest river island, Majuli . The café consists of a cafeteria, art gallery, cycle rental space, library , village shop and bird watching gallery. The café hosts different kinds of cultural programmes, shows and storytelling sessions and provides visitors an alternative and vibrant space to get to know the local culture, its stories and legends. The café is designed in such a way that villagers can sell their handicrafts without the exploitation of middlemen. We ensure that 90 percentage of product revenue goes to the actual weavers and artisans.

Guwahati Day Tour

Root Bridge’s interactive Storytelling day trip

Guwahati Day Tour is an attempt to bring local interaction and age-old heritage, handicrafts & cultures to such travellers through flexible day activities, a few hours to a full-day long in duration. Guwahati Day Trip is managed by our newly trained Storytellers who belongs to city orphanages.

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Root Bridge focusing on bringing out some of the unexplored places in Northeast and Eastern Himalayas. Our curated trips with the assistance of RB Earth  are aimed to give the travellers an authentic experience and learning. More over each journey develop in the context of a narrative.

We vouch for Transformative travel and as such,  try to include the local elements such as home stays, village visit,  meals prepared in locally owned shops, day activities and being a part of the local  festivals such as Bihu, Junbeel ,Hornbill  etc. Each trip designed in a way that the traveller gets a deeper understanding of the place wherever he/she travels and the unique aspects of the culture, its people, its cuisine. We ensure that the benefit of tourism will be shared with the host communities.

Contact us for a unique and off-beat experience like cycling in Majuli or a day in man-made forest of Padmasree Jadav Payeng or cultural walk in placid Umswai valley of Karbi- Meghalaya plateau. Being North east specialists, as storytellers, Root Bridge will unfold this wonderful world beautifully, and with due care.

Why North East and Eastern Himalayas?

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