What to see in Guwahati: A local’s guide to have an incredible experience in the gateway of Northeast

The entrance to Northeast India is a cityscape surrounded by verdant hillocks and the expansive waters of the mighty Brahmaputra. Guwahati is a beautiful blend of modernization and traditions, and it can charm you with both it’s swiftly emerging skyscrapers and centuries of old temples. Our intern, Kristishila Baruah, writes about the fascinating things that the city has to offer.

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Capturing the hues of India’s northeast

The best of cameras of the world fail to do justice to the hues of northeast India. Our intern, and a photography buff, Manaz PR writing about the colors of an enchanting world of diversities- called northeast India

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Accessible tourism: Travelling without barriers in Northeast India

Northeast India is an unexplored slice of paradise and it is fast gaining glories for its mesmerizing and diverse travel destinations. Sadly, it can be a nightmare for the differently abled travellers as there is only about 5% to no facilities for their assistance. Our intern, Kristishila Baruah writes about the urgent need for the basic accessible tourism facilities in this region.

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UMSWAI : A Valley of Stories and Mysteries

UMSWAI : A Valley of Stories and Myths A trail to the raw nature, passing through never dying attitude of West Karbi Anglong hills, will lead to quenching your thirst to travel in Umswai, the Karbi – Meghalaya plateau. I've never felt that I was far away...

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