About Root Bridge

Root Bridge specializes in North East India and the Eastern Himalayas.  We are living in a time when people are forgetting the importance of nature; in a civilization which knowingly or unknowingly is destroying nature and breaking down the individuality in each cultural identity; a time which demands every tourist or traveler to be responsible.  Root Bridge promotes & encourages responsible travel, with a hope that every traveler and explorer would become representatives of our philosophy. We in Root Bridge care for the North East – this distinctive, wonderful world. The eastern Himalayas, with its raw beauty and its rare flora and fauna needs to be preserved and protected. The North East is one of the most culturally rich of regions, with over 200 colorful and exotic ethnic groups. The integrity of this unique culture needs to be protected.

Learning from mistakes
Tourism in India has only shaped up as a full-fledged industry in recent years. Tourism is now a good source of economy which attracts influx of foreign exchange; it also provides livelihood to people. But it’s impossible to ignore that often tourism has become a burden on nature.  In the name of tourism, people have been encroaching beaches and hills are being broken down. Unthinking tourism is not only polluting the environment but also over-exploiting natural resources like water. Most of the time, the local communities experience all these negatives, while not even getting the benefits of tourism. It must be admitted that tourism industry has not gained strength in the North east India the way it has in other parts of the country. But gradually, people from all over the world have started looking at this region as a preferential tourist destination for many reasons. Hence, the developing tourism industry in the North East should ideally learn from the mistakes that have been made in other parts of the country. Root Bridge aims to popularize a parallel model of a complete tourism.

Aim of the Root Bridge
The aim of the Root Bridge & Root Bridge Foundation is to foster  sustainable tourism practices in India’s Northeast and Eastern Himalayas. The main activities of Root Bridge Foundation- a nonprofit entity- consists research, advocacy, awareness creation, policy level interventions, training, networking, consultancy and the facilitation of better community driven tourism models. The major profit portion of the Root Bridge will be contributed to nonprofit entity in order to bring self-sufficiency and independent resource to its initiatives to ensure  sustainable tourism practices in the region.

Noble Cause
Root Bridge and the Community

We believe that the benefits of tourism development should be shared with the host community . That’s why Root Bridge’s tourism initiatives and curated trips and activities are all designed in such a way that the local communities are benefitted, which provides a never-before experience to the guests as well.
For instance, Root Bridge has started its cultural immersion in world’s largest river island – Majuli, in association with Assam Tourism Development Corporation. This is a livelihood project using tourism as an engine for development. By being a guest of Root Bridge, one would be contributing to this noble cause. Each and every journey will be equally meaningful and will contribute a decent share to the host community and will keep the green protocol of good travel.
Root Bridge has also started creating Storyteller network across Northeast to ensure the participation of  youngsters in tourism values chain. Root Bridge’s Guwahati Day Tour is managed by newly trained storytellers who are inmates of city orphanages.

Amazing story tellers

One would experience the destination as a local- the way Root Bridge envisages travel. Root Bridge’s way of travel evolves with unique story telling and meaningful participation  of host communities.  North East is a land of wonders with over 200 charming tribal communities, the descendants of the erstwhile head hunters, with reminiscences of the Second World War – stories that enrich one’s travel experience much more than merely seeing landscapes would do.

Volunteering & Internship programs

Root Bridge provides opportunity to the kind people across the world to create a quality tourism model.
Students and interns can work on different tourism initiatives, community based programs and research at our Guwahati office and also other places in North East India.
It gives ample opportunity to get to know this ecologically rich, culturally and ethnically diverse land which is also a home to more than 200 fascinating tribes.

5 Reasons to travel with Root Bridge

  1. There is a narrative in every trip
    Each trip is designed around a unique story with a passion that takes you to wonderful places and experiences.
  2. Amazing Story Tellers
    Great story tellers will travel with you, and unveil the unending stories of the North East India.
  3. Truly Local
    Traveling is not about merely seeing places. Root Bridge will take you to the soul of the villages, keeping in mind the cultural diversity of this region inhabited by more than 200 mesmerizing tribal communities.
  4. Quality and Safety Uncompromised
    Each destination and all the arrangements are personally examined and appraised by the travel evangelists of Root Bridge.
  5. Benefit to the local Community
    Root Bridge aims to popularize a parallel model of a complete tourism and believes that the benefits of tourism should be shared with the local communities concerned.
    (The Northeast India – the Eastern Himalayas, the Patkai-Naga Hills , the Brahmaputra and the Barak Valley Plains –  is ecologically fragile. The WWF has identified the entire Eastern Himalayas as a priority Global 200 Eco region. Most importantly, it is culturally rich, with 220 ethnic groups and an equal number of dialects.  Travel without knowing and respecting this ethnicity and richness in biodiversity would not be Thoughtful Travel.)