The Bihu Trail

Kaziranga l Majuli l Shillong I Cherrapunjee

Storyteller : Ajanta Hazarika

INR 33000

(Avail early bird discount)

Root Bridge incorporates the regional Bihu Festival of Assam along with trip across Assam and Meghalaya. Join the Bihu Trail to enjoy the vibrant festival, with locals in the colourful attires dancing to the beats of Bihu. It’s a spring festival, celebrating the love and joy among people. The Bihu trail starts from Assam, taking you across the Brahmaputra, wild safaris in the Kaziranga and wandering the rows of tea garden in Assam.

Root Bridge has created a  Bihu cultural tour that start with a cycling in the world’s largest river island,  Majuli and enjoying the colorful Bihu dance along with rich Vaishnavite  dance-music-theater activities on the bank of  Trans boundary river Brahmaputra.  The day ends with majestic sunset and cultural events with mouthwatering ethnic cuisines and soothing aromatic home-brewed rice beer.

We continue exploring moving far up from Assam to Meghalaya to experience the pure air in the misty mountain, green valleys and fresh water lakes and streams around the state.  Come. Be a part of this cultural immersion with Root Bridge’s Travel Evangelist Ajanta Hazarika .

Highlights of the trip

  1. Travel with Experts
    North East is a land of wonders and a land of more than 200 mesmerizing tribal communities including the worrier-tribes  who still keep the skulls of humans as trophies . Enjoy the myths and stories of this land of diversities with our North East India specialists.
  2. Experience and activity
  3. The trip will evolve around unique experiences and activities. Each place is personally scrutinized and experienced by the travel evangelists of Root Bridge.
  4. Unforgettable Village life
    From rice beer to mask making, from fishing to rural home stay, from Mishing dance to Bihu Festival , it’s all absolutely local. And we will help you to get the best out of it.


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