Colorful northeast India is a paradise of  photographers. The landscape, people, flora, and fauna giving every photographer an opportunity to create eye-candy pictures. Come and author this lovely land- writes Manaz PR 


India, a country blessed with diverse cultures and vast landscapes so much so that its seamless horizon leads to heaven. Out of the four corners of this country, there is a paradise hidden deep in the east. The lesser known region of India, the Northeast, is beyond beautiful and I think it’s one of the most mystical places on this planet. The uniqueness of this place is quite extraordinary; filled with beauty, serenity and raw adventure. It definitely is a dream of every traveller and a photographer’s paradise. If you are a shutterbug or even a professional photographer then a visit to the Northeast is a must. It also has the best Instagram-worthy spots one can find. The rich fauna, the pure lakes, twisty roads, the foggy sunsets, the greens of the tea gardens and paddy fields, the snow and what not! This place is truly a nature’s miracle! Even though a lot of people will tell you against it, travel to the northeast in the monsoons. Especially Arunachal Pradesh. The raw beauty unfolds around that time of the year even though it’s dangerous. You can photograph Tawang’s monks in prayer where hymns of melodic mantras float out of the monastery and through the hills, the living root bridge in Meghalaya where people have learned to engineer nature. Landscape photographers will be delighted to capture the vivid green hillocks of Dzukou valley in Nagaland, the Gurudongar lake in Sikkim, the surreal beauty of Mawsynram in the rains, Nohkalikai Falls of Meghalaya and much more Wildlife photographers are in for a treat here as the North East has a rich variety of animals and also home to many endangered species of animals and rare exotic birds. Ziro Butterfly Meet which is held every year in Arunachal Pradesh is also popular amongst photographers. Photographers can also capture the enthralling experience of the festive atmosphere of Hornbill Festival and also visit the Vaishnavite monastic cultural institutions of Majuli, the world’s largest river island. This land home to some of the most awe-inspiring locations will render you speechless. Here are some photos that will surely inspire you to pack your bags and travel to the land where imagination meets reality.

Manaz PR

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