Ecotourism, Communications, and Livelihoods Officer


The position will be based at world’s largest river island  Majuli in Assam, with regular field visits to different locations within the island and community required. Although this is a village based position, you will visit different part of Northeast India, as we all wear many hats here and sometimes need all hands on deck.


1) A major part of the job is to co-ordinate with booking partners for Root Bridge’s community based tourism initiatives and manage the bookings system. This includes updating availability, schedules and maintaining relationships with key booking partners and running sales promotions. As we have many groups of visitors, this position will also act as the back up Storyteller take visitors and volunteers to view the activities  in the island, providing an interpretive educational tour.

2) On the marketing and communications side of things you will help to compile marketing collateral, website content and helping with Facebook updates for the whole project.

3) We will be also setting up a Cafe in island, and  you will co-ordinate the running of the cafe, including representing and promoting all ecotourism projects in the centre, managing the finances, supporting and training cafe staff, developing other local partnerships and facilitating centre program like Coffee Chats with Foreigners , students and much more.

4) Another aspect is to manage souvenir products for sale at the Hub including sourcing new souvenir products in Island  by developing relationships with community producers. You will also support the different community development project to develop more livelihood projects with the communities.


Tourism/communications/booking management background

Marketing and sales experience

Hospitality experience

Ability to work independently

Highly organised and ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently

You will need to be a bubbly, outgoing and resourceful person who is ready to deal with all the questions that pop up daily from visitors to the Hub, as you are the face of the Root Bridge’s Majuli Project  and other partner projects displayed in the centre.

Passion for responsible tourism

Ability to live in a remote location


Tour guiding experience

Experience working in a cross cultural environment

We envisage this position to be for someone that has a strong interest in ecotourism, community development and conservation, who wants a start in an organization working overseas in this field.

If you are a true ecotourism follower, we can consider you even without much experience.

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