Bhutan – The Himalayan Kingdom


Women Only Trip

27th Sept – 2nd Oct, 2017

Paro – Thimphu – Punakha – Paro

Bhutan, the Kingdom of Happiness is nestled at the foothills of the Great Himalayas. Exotic landscapes, snow-capped mountains, Monasteries and happy faces, makes it a must see destination. Starting from Guwahati, we will take the flight to Bhutan, and explore Bhutan driving through the windy path, crossing the numerous clear water stream and enormous statues of Buddha.  The trek to the Tiger;s Monastery, perched on a cliff is a must do and on our store for the last day.  Explore the traditional markets, Feel the different textures of traditional weaving in the textile museum and learn about how traditional papers were made from the daphne plant. Join us in discovering the many facets of this amazing land!

Gigantic Buddha Dordenma statue(51.5m high)
Trek to the Tiger’s Moastery or Chalela pass
Takin Reserve – Takin is the National Animal
Chimi Lhakhang – Temple of Fertility
Dochu La Pass/Rafting in Punakha/Punakha Dzong
Paro Museum

Fun Facts from our Storyteller!

Our Storyteller, Ajanta will accompany you on this trip. She has already led trips to Bhutan and well versed with the Country.
– The nomenclature of Bhutan, Bhutan may be derived from the Sanskrit ‘Bhotanta’ which means “the end of Tibet,”or the Sanskrit Bhu-attan, meaning “highlands.”
– Bhutanese call their home “Druk Yul,” which means “the Land of the Thunder Dragons,” because of the extremely powerful storms which constantly roar in from the Himalayas.
– Thimphu is the only capital in the world without traffic lights.
– Dzongka is the official language.
– Bhutan is the world’s only carbon sink, that is; it absorbs more CO2 than it gives out.
– Bhutan is the only country to calculate Gross National Happiness or GNH

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